Monday, November 8, 2010

Look what I found!!

 Can you see it?
Some bagpipes and MIK!
(that'd be men in kilts!)
A Scottish Fair right near us.  WooHoo!
(it was a cold and windy day)

One of the fun moments was watching some 'strong men' competitions.  Although we missed the caber toss and haggis hurl, we did see a couple events.  (sadly, they're the ones I don't know the names of)

 A pipe band off marching to perform.
(That's Mt. Kembla in the background)

Some of the competitors watching their events.
Aren't those kilts wonderful! I think it's quite fun..

  A closer pic of some of the pipers.  Lovely sight!  This was the end of the event with a massed bands performance.  It was a delightful Saturday, not quite MI RenFest, but best Scottish fix I've had in a while!                    ~~~~~                                       Gotta love the hubby who made sure I got there. :-)  I'm a lucky gal.


Diane said...

How exciting for you!!! I know how you miss the Highland Games here!! So wonderful that someone loves you so much to take you and share it with you!! Looks like a great time!

Kendra said...

It was good fun!
:-) good to 'hear' from ya!