Saturday, November 6, 2010

Milestone Moment

In life there are some moments that you know are markers of change.  While change is inevitable, (or so they say) some change just hits me a bit more while other change is slow and sneaky.   The same is true with my kids.

Throughout their lives, there have been moments where immediately things were different.... when they became mobile, started communicating, went to school... are a few obvious ones.  They're good moments in that they show wonderful progress and growing independence.  But, to me, these changes also include a bit of sadness 'cuz they mark the end of a 'era'. 

Yesterday, one such changed happened....
The whole family went out to an event in Wollongong, Viva la Gong.  It was a fun day with music and performers, food, merchandise stalls (including several fair trade one), and kids activities.  Good fun! 

After spending some time together listening to the music, visiting w/ some friends we bumped into, we decided to wander in different directions.  I had Brenna.  We went through the children's area and she found a craft that interested her.  This is a familiar, comfortable event. 

Then, the moment came...  after a lifetime of waiting in lines for face painting, she wanted a henna tattoo.  I know, it's not shocking, or really unexpected, but it does shout inside my head, "Where has my baby gone!?!" 

Some changes, I'm just not ready for...  ;-) 
But take a look, the artwork is GREAT!

just last year...



Different art, same smile

(Disclaimer: the daughter just came in and said, "I still like face paint."  So, maybe it's not such a big change after all.)
(and here's hoping that there'll be some more blogs in the near future... sorry, folks)


PaPa said...

Different art -- same smile!! It could have been worse -- it could have been a henna Harley tattoo :)

Kendra said...

If there had been a Harley version, it's likely to have been chosen! :) Very true, Papa! But that wouldn't have been bad either... especially if it's henna. ;)
Thanks for commenting!