Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - poetry

One of my friends commented about poetry on her fb status.  I'm pretty sure she was dealing w/ serious poetry... but I'd much prefer some fun stuff...  like...

This from "Runny Babbit" a Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein

'Kugs and Hisses'
Runny said, "I'm lonesome,
I feel so glad and soomy.
I need some kugs and hisses --
Now, who's gunna give 'em to me?"

"I will," said Polly Dorkupine,
"'Cause you're cute as a rug in a bug."
Said Runny, "Well, I'll kake the tiss,
But never hind the mug."

Oh, the fun of children's poetry... or should I say, pildren's choetry.  ;-)

Shel's always good for a smile!

Do you have a favourite children's poem? or poem from your childhood? 
Wanna share?

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jinosh velikkakathu said...

weally ronderful.
pood goetry.