Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bit of Pride...

One of the activities that Brenna chose to participate in to help adjust to the culture and find some friends was Surf Life Saving Club.  It's a club (Aussies are all about clubs) for kids that meets weekly and teaches kids about surf safety (tides, rips, wave survival,  being safe in the water). 

It was a bit overwhelming at first.  Brenna was in the "Under 12s" group.  They start with an "Under 5s", so kids in her group could have been participating in SLSC for 7 years.  Though it's mixed with heaps of fun, there's some skills to learn as well from swimming distances in surf (waves) to using a 'nipper board' (like a life saving board but smaller for smaller kids).  Despite the newness of it all, Brenna was always willing to "give it a go".  And we were blessed by John, the amazing Age Manager for Brenna's group.  He was always so encouraging and willing to explain things that might be new to the 'Yank'.  And, he always made sure Brenna was safe and comfortable. 

Last week, the Port Kebla SLSC had their awards day.  Certain events are scored each week.  At the end of the season, trophies are given out to the top scorers in each age group.  Although she tried everything every week, Brenna was not often among the top three.  What we didn't know was that their was an extra award...

Brenna earned the "Age Manager's" Trophy this season.  This award is for someone who the Age Manager thinks worked hard, had a positive attitude, improved and always tried throughout the season.  We are so proud of her!  Better yet, she is proud of herself.  :-)

My sweet little girl and her awards

B and our wonderful Age Manager!

Some of the younger kids getting their participation medals and awards.


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Diane said...

Way to go Brenna!!! Papa & I are so proud of you, too!