Saturday, March 27, 2010

missing some recent visitors...

At the end of February, we were greatly blessed with the arrival of  some Skyline friends!  They warmed our hearts and cheered our spirits while they were here.  There was much laughter and love.  It was beyond a joy to have them here.   I miss their presence.  Here are just a few shots from our time together.

Our visitors minus one... in front of the Sydney Opera House.
(yes, we visited the bathrooms, they're one of my favourites!)

On the ferry ride from Manly Beach,
two buddies enjoying the front of the ferry!

Two more buddies enjoying the train ride to Central Station.
An afternoon visit to Carrington Falls (via the famous pie shop)
The kids didn't make this excursion, they had school.
Mark and his little friends. :-)

Two great guys and good friends posing for the camera.
(the second time...)

Enjoying dinner on the beach in Apollo Bay, Victoria.
(before the great seagull invasion!)

Enjoying the Goffs for a couple extra days.
This was our last dinner... Aussie 'burgers w/ the lot' and chips. 

So thankful they could all be here!  We missed those that couldn't make it and so many others.  If you're ever in the area, we'd love to see you too!   ;-)

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