Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday - Loving on Riley, 2000

Little Brenna, Age 2 
Where ever we go, if little ones are around, she becomes a 'Pied Piper'. 
She's drawn to small kiddos, and they follow her around.
I'd guess it started here...
when we started watching our little neighbor three days a week.
Although Brenna was just two, she was a big helper!
Neither of the Griffith kids have lost their touch with the little ones....
it just takes longer to warm up to the big one.  ;-)
on a side note, I miss Riley's mom. 
She was a great friend and a fun neighbor.
I'm sure she still is... just not livin' next to me.  :-(

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Shawn Griffith said...

My first thought was, I remember coming home from work thinking this house is a mad house :)

On one hand it seems like yesterday our kids were this old, on the other those snuggles and 'kid ways' seem so very far away.