Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Catch-up

Here's a few shots from our first summer time Christmas...
Thanks to all the family and friends, and Skyline, for helping make this Christmas memorable!
One fabulous occurance that I didn't get any pics of was being able to open gifts and share memories w/ family and friends on Skype!  Thanks for sharing part of your days; it was good to be with you!

Darian just opened his stocking gifts... 

my gift from my sweet girl...  she added one of her nicknames...

Perhaps the first time I've opened gifts in a tank-top... but I'm still sporting the snowman pjs!  :-)

I think this was B's favourite gift... (well, one of them)... she loves to wear it, even if mac-n-cheese is not so popular over here...  Thanks, Aunt Jane!

Opening the box from Skyline!  :-)  Each of us had a bag of goodies! Thanks to all for the love and connections that were sent in this package!  We are truly blessed to have your support and love! 
(I'm impress we were able to wait for Christmas morning to open this!)

Okay, I'm sure this isn't Shawn's favourite pic... but how could i resist?? 
(and can you see in the mirror... Brenna's holiday greetings w/ her new window makers?...
"mErRy cHrIsTmAs!")

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Jane Johnson said...

I'm glad she loves the Mac&Cheese shirt... it said "Brenna" all over it!!! And I appreciate the fun-guy shirt too... ER HITA!