Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

I love holidays! Especially those that bring people together! which means, I really love the American holiday of Thanksgiving! While it's great to remember our roots and the thankfulness of survival, harvest, and the beginning of a country, I love the time with people!

I started cooking the Thanksgiving turkey the first year I was married. (but we didn't eat it together... though that's another story). And have taking over the holiday since then, and gladly. I love having family and friends over, eating together and making memories. Our thanksgivings have been shared w/ friends from Korea and England, planned visitors as well as surprise guests. And it all fills me w/ many warm fuzzies.

I'm sad to be away from all my traditions this year, but thankful for all the memories of the past, all the good times and blessings. And some of me is excited to begin new traditions while cherishing the past.

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