Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thrusday

Besides being thankful today, that although I missed Thurs. in Australia, it's still Thursday in the states, of course!
This week I've been thankful for the courage, resiliance, togetherness, and support that my children have shown.

Despite being unable to participate in Surf Life Saving Club and being quite discouraged last week because of an inadequate swim time, Darian has gone to the pool every day this week to improve his swimming (to the best that I can help him) for this week's timed swim. He has not given up or backed down. I am impressed.

Brenna has gone along to the pool and encouraged her brother with his swimming.

This week, Brenna has been nominated to run for school principal (like school president, i think) for next year. She has spent her evenings working on "Vote for Brenna" posters. For being new to the school, that's wonderful! Yesterday, Darian started helping make posters. :-)

May God allow them to continue to be courageous, resiliant, and supportive as He leads them through the paths of life.

These pics are just for fun... 'cuz everyone loves to play in the rain!


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