Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a little catch-up

I don't have a very good track record at keeping this updated. Once again, I'll try to do better. (for anyone who might check here now and again, not sure who that might be)

Since my last post...
  • *I had my first-ever suprise party!! I was so surprised, i forgot to take any pics. But it was fabulous. Shawn arranged it and i didn't have a clue. Well done, love!

  • The very next week, Darian was in the hospital unable to eat with a tube down his nose draining his stomach, and awaiting to hear if surgery was needed. Thankfully, his intestines fixed themselves and he was out within a week.

  • As a team, we participated in the Wollongong Relay for Life. Thanks to Shawn for organizing a team and Del for joining us for the event!

  • We experienced our first ever dust storm! Darian woke up to a red/orange sky. It was quite eerie. And dust covered every surface of everything. eek!

  • We enjoyed several visitors from around the state, as well as a few from the US. So glad to see so many loved faces and new friends.

  • We've had some wonderful dinners and gatherings with some dear Aussie friends, both in homes and at community events. They're so dear to me and are always there to offer a friendly explanation. :-)

  • The kids have joined a surf life saving club where they can learn about safety in the ocean and develop water skills and friendships.

  • We've welcomed a new team member, Noah Kai Whaley.

  • We're getting to know our neighbors and people around the communtity (schools, shops, clubs).

  • And we've been granted our visa! We feel like we've been waiting a long time for it. So, now I'm focused on finding a job.

Whew! now you're all caught up (though, i'm sure i've forgotten something). Hope it won't be so long next time. ;-) Maybe you can hear some of my thoughts and insights (or ponderings) soon.


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