Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lining Up?


Can you see it?

In the picture, what do you see? 

No, not the cute one in braids making a funny face at me...
(but if you're wondering, she gets that from her brother!)

Look again...
(did you?  Really, look at the pic)

They're lining up to the door for a Slurpee!  :-)  

And what's even better... this is in my 'suburb'.  :-D  WooHoo!
okay, so it's a bit of a walk, but I can drive there in two minutes.  

Yay for 7/11's in Wollongong!!
Yay for one opening near me!

Yay for beating the line!

Now, who wants to come share a Slurpee?!

1 comment:

Shawn Griffith said...

I'll go with you...maybe even drive, but I don't want a Slurpee... Maybe you can get a Slurpee and I can get a Cap somewhere else...