Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Day

One of our favourite family haunts is Shellharbour Village, just south of where we live.  It was one of the first places Shawn and I visited when we checked out the area in 2007.  We stayed in a caravan park that's just off the shore of some of these shots. 
I love that our kids are still okay with hanging out with the family now and again.  However, it's not unusual for out house to be quiet and without kids more and more often.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this stage of life. 

We started out the afternoon by enjoying some fish and chips at a nearby shop.  Still searching for the best spot to get fish and chips... this wasn't bad, but there's better in Kiama.  If you don't believe me, come check it out yourself! ;-)

Family shot... 
on a very blustery day. :-)

 at the harbour.

 Trying to push Dad over...
I love these Daddy & daughter shots.

 Making D have a photo with me.
And he's smiling!!  :-)  Bonus!
I really like the angle on this pic... don't look so short here.

 Father and son.

 Me and my girl!  
Such a beauty!  :-)

I was laughing 'cuz the wind was causing havoc!

 Precious siblings.
my how they've grown....

 Ninja moves on the rocks.
Silly kids!
Love that!!  :-)

 B trying to be the 'bigger' sibling.
and D just going along with the fun.

 The slow motion race...
...or just being obnoxious because someone was taking so many pictures.
now who would that be??

heading home...

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