Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Taste of Home

Sometimes it's the little things...

like finding familiar things in a candy store
(or calling it a 'candy store' and not a 'lolly shop.'  Hey, is that Captain Crunch?)

and knowing what they'll taste like before I buy them
(yeah, some of those 'regular' sized candies are nearly $3, it's only a rare treat!)

and seeing foods that bring back childhood memories
(what!?! are those Pop Tarts over $3 for a two pack?? yes, yes they are.)

This lolly shop I 'discovered' on a work trip to Sydney.  It was bittersweet discovery.  While it was fun to see so many candies and foods from 'home', it made me miss so many other things.  And yes, for those that know me, I did end up teary-eyed.  I called 'home' and cried a bit... 

 Then, I wandered the shop, smiled at all the familiar sights, reminisced a bit, and walked away without buying a thing.  ...this time... 

What do you think you would miss?


Philip Cummings said...

If we are talking candy, I thinkI'd have walked out of there having blown the motherload on Spree, Sweet Tarts, Twix, and Milk Duds. If you are asking what I'd miss from home...it's definitely the face-to-face friendships and relationships. Blogs, Facebook and Skype may keep us connected, but it's not the ame as sitting down with a cup of coffee across the table from a friend. Miss you guys. Praying for you today, which I guess is tomorrow to you.

Diane said...

I agree with Phillip! Wish you were closer! Praying for you daily!! Miss you all a lot! Enjoyed reading all of your blogs again. Hope to see more in the future. Take Care and Be Safe! Our love to all!!!