Saturday, June 18, 2011

On a cold, wintry day

It happened last Monday, on a cold, wintry, rainy day.  A day where you'd like to stay inside curled up by a fire with a good book and a warm tea. 

But those weren't the plans we had for last Monday.  Instead, after a nice sleep in (it was the Queen's birthday after all), we headed off to the beach.  Now, that might sound like a great idea for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, but June is not summer here, it's winter!  And it was sure feeling winter-like that day.  Brrr...

Don't fret though, there was a pretty good reason to head off to a deserted beach on a cold, wintry day.  Brenna wanted to be baptized, and she wanted to do it in a place that was special to her.  :-)  It was a beautiful sentiment and I love that she put so much thought into this step in her journey.

Heading into the water... 
Thankfully, where we were, the rain had stopped.

It may not look deep, 
but  when the waves came in it was much higher.

She also wanted just a few people there.  To her, it was not about the show or the attention, but about taking a step in her faith journey.  A beautiful, powerful step after the events of the past year plus. 

 A loving hug that adds some warmth.

 Drying feet and bodies.

After some time in the water and a bit of drying off and wrapping up, we headed back up towards the pool area and locked bathrooms to find some sheltered space to get out of wet clothes.  :-)    
 Brenna after the event.
If you look closely, you might see the rainbow that showed up over the water.
It's directly above the silver handrail over the water.

The small group
 a sweet look from a loving brother

 definitely a daddy and daughter moment

a photo op with and added 'get warm' snuggle.

We also enjoyed some lovely visits, cool breezes, and lots of hugs and smiles. (and creative ways of staying warm, but that's a picture for another time)  The girls ran off to play on the sand hills full of laughter and joyAfter, we all gathered back together for some hugs and special words or blessings with Brenna. 

It was beautiful and heartwarming, on a cold, wintry Monday.


anneyse said...

congratulations! That is fabulous! Jenna (our youngest) just got baptized, as well. You must be proud of her and relieved as well. We miss you guys here in Memphis, TN and wish we could write you. Keep up the blog.

Philip said...

Congrats! What a wonderful day! So happy for Brenna and you guys. We miss you. Thanks for sharing.