Sunday, June 5, 2011

B's New Sport

B's having a go at a new sport.  A sport unknown to the vast majority of Americans, but loved by those in Commonwealth nations...  Netball!

There are seven positions on the court.  Of those seven, B's played four. (I think).  She's learned the game quickly and ROCKS at the defensive positions she's played but prefers the attack positions.  She's not too into shooting...  I think it might have to do with the lack of a backboard and a totally different style to shooting than basketball.

Here are some shots of recent games.  
Getting positions and a pep-talk from the coach.
Each positions has certain parts of the court they're allowed in and restricted from, so they have to wear 'bibs' that identify their position.  B's wearing "WA" here which stands for 'Wing Attack"

Getting a pass, or intercepting one.
The passes are often thrown high.

She's got the ball...
and can only move one foot, the foot she didn't land on
and can't dribble (wrong sport)
and only has three seconds to pass

Looking to pass again...
The girls to the right of the line can't cross it,
so they'll help with a pass if needed, but otherwise just wait.

a different position... Goal Defense
B's the one with the "GD" on her back

a similarity to basketball...
throwing the ball in :-)

Now she's playing "GK" or Goal Keeper
and she's trying to block the shot,
but has to set her feet three feet away before she defends.

There you have it... a brief look at B's newest hobby.  :-)   It's fun to play even if it does take a while to learn the rules.  

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Justin P. Lewis said...

Cool, some people on our trip to Zambia played a game.