Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Tangent - trees

When we first arrived in Australia, I was amazed at how different the trees look.  To me, they look a little odd, not at all like the rectangular brown truck w/ the circular greet top that I saw and know from my 30-odd years of living. 

Actually, I've always thought that Dr. Seuss must have visited Australia because the trees here remind me of the trees in many of his books.... (look here) ...trees that have tall, thin trunks with puffs of leaves at the ends of scattered branches.

But, as I walk around these days, the trees just look normal...  like that's just how trees are suppose to look...  When did my maples and oaks get replaced by eucalyptus and gum trees?
looks about right, eh?

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Shawn Griffith said...

I know. Maybe we talked about this a while ago, but I was thinking the same thing. The trees and vegetation seem normal. Words and phrases I could clearly identify as Aussie can no longer be easily identified. If someone has a mild Aussie accent, I don't even realize that they speak differently than me. Crazy stuff!!!