Wednesday, September 24, 2008

singing w/ your heart

i love to sing. i love to randomly burst in to song. i love singing in worship to God. singing is good.

i usually try to mean what i sing. otherwise, what's the point. at least for me anyway. songs have meaning, and that's why i sing them, well, some of them.

one of my favorite songs in the past year has been "If You Say Go". I've been on board w/ that song for a while now. My whole family has... "if you say go, we will go." We are ready to go. We've been ready to go. We are ready, eager even, to "step out on the water". But, we're still here.

A couple weekends ago, that song was part of our worship. I saw it listed and felt an eagerness to sing it... a reconnection to that dedication to go... almost a solid, steadfast, send-me feeling....

... but then, we sang it... i was good for the first line, "if you say go, we will go"... yep, i'm there... then, oddly enough, the second line came next... "if you say wait, we will wait"... it was like i'd never sang the song before.... wait? really? i've been singing that for a year and thinking about my future, our part in God's vision??

yes, i cried. my heart poured out in that song. i couldn't sing the line the first time. it just seemed too much. but i began to understand better... i've got to be willing... not just to go, but also to wait. it seems so simple, and it is... until you personally need to put it into practice.

God, help me to humble my heart, to be more obedient and wait. just wait.


Emily said...

Thank you for sharing, Kendra.

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom said...

You have such a sweet heart, Kendra!

Jason and Nicole said...

awesome. just awesome, Kendra. God has "reached" me a few times like that in songs, certainly not often to the point of tears. Thank you for sharing. Waiting if obviously more challenging than just an intellectual understanding; it can involve faith just as much as going does.