Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There's comfort in 'stuff'.


We are all collectors of 'stuff', just look around you. We each have lots. We often put our trust in stuff. Our 'stuff' weill be there when we need it. It will make our lives easier, or more fun.

I have to admit, I like 'stuff' too. I eaven have memories attached to lots of my 'stuff'. Some 'stuff' we've been weeding out. You know, the extra 'stuff', non-esential 'stuff'... some of that was hard... but we can't take everything with us, right... and my family has been slowly removing 'stuff' from or lives for the last 5 years, since our move to Memphis. It started with our house and our dog (that sounds odd)... 'stuff' we couldn't bring along...

It's been hard, but i've been in control and able to keep a grasp on the "important" 'stuff'.

BUT, what if God's asking more? What if od's wanting me to let go of the comfort of my 'stuff', so i can hold on to him? so i can trust in him for my comfort, not the 'stuff'? can i let go more? how much can i let go?

'stuff' = security... can i let go? could you?

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